What is New at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?

A better question would be: “Who is new at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?” 2022, like the year before, brought a number of animal babies to our local zoo and my husband and I visited there twice to welcome the new additions—on August 31 and October 21. The zoo’s first newborn, a spring baby, was Rocky … Continue reading What is New at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?

Insects Welcome!

October 4 was a stay-at-home day in order to nurse our Covid and Influenza vaccine-related fatigue, malaise, and soreness. Cloudy and sunlit skies took turns and were punctuated by brief periods of rain. During one of the sunny intervals, a Monarch Butterfly was seen flitting from cosmos to cosmos in our driveway, which has turned … Continue reading Insects Welcome!

Autumn Is In The Air

Autumn is a lovely time of year Cooler days are finally here. Flora’s summer colors still hang on, Are enriched by fall attire most plants don.   As forests get ready to shed their coverings I gleefully pull on woolen leggings. Thick sweaters are my favorite things to wear, Help the coming frigid months to … Continue reading Autumn Is In The Air