Bedewed is Bejeweled

As I’m leaving Woodland Park behind me and driving north on Colorado State Highway 67 early on this August 18 morning, layers of mist hover over the damp meadows that border the road through this high and wide mountain valley. This summer’s monsoon season has been even more generous to neighboring Teller County than to … Continue reading Bedewed is Bejeweled

Surprise Encounter of the Minky Kind

I have—half-jokingly—stated that, if I were God, I would have ordered things differently. While I’m in awe of Nature’s intricate, interwoven, and complex structure and finely tuned function, I have never liked the fact that animals eat one another. Even as a child I closed my eyes when nature documentaries focused in on the “successful” … Continue reading Surprise Encounter of the Minky Kind

Serenity Lake

Certain locations exert strong powers over our imagination. One such charmed destination for me is Manitou Lake in neighboring Teller County. I think of it as “Serenity Lake” which captures its character perfectly, as I was reminded during an excursion in late July/early August. The lake is nestled in an idyllic broad mountain valley which … Continue reading Serenity Lake

Dr. Bell’s Retreat

It is a human trait to be attracted to beautiful natural locations, and Manitou Park in Teller County, north of Woodland Park, along Colorado Highway 67, is no exception. The broad mountain valley parallels Trout Creek, a tributary of the South Platte River, and is bounded in the east by the Rampart Range, and in … Continue reading Dr. Bell’s Retreat