One of my Happy Places: Fountain Creek Regional Park

Do you have a “happy place” you return to time and again? I have several, a circumstance I’m extremely grateful for. One of the places I have written about more than once, is Fountain Creek Regional Park. Situated in Fountain, a town just south of Colorado Springs, and along Fountain Creek, our major regional stream, … Continue reading One of my Happy Places: Fountain Creek Regional Park

Rail Fest

Virginia Rails are known as solitary and secretive denizens of marshes (their scientific name Rallus limicola literally translates as mud-dwelling rail), but during certain seasons they seem to forget about their secretive natures and not only show their furtive selves to appreciative eyes, but even convene for rail parties. Contrary to their name’s suggestion, their … Continue reading Rail Fest

Looking For Spring

The plethora of shared nature impressions from my fellow bloggers in the last weeks is a reminder that springtime in Colorado arrives later than in other locations. The following images of Fountain Creek Regional Park, one of my favorite go-to places that help me forget about our chaotic reality, at least temporarily, were taken at … Continue reading Looking For Spring

Look Who’s There

This is a view I have seen—and photographed—countless times, to my husband’s neverending amusement. He only grins when I show him yet another snapshot, taken from the deck of the Nature Center in Fountain Creek Regional Park, one of my local favorite haunts. I justify my repeated images with the argument that each hour, each … Continue reading Look Who’s There