Bienvenido a Nuevo México

Let me take you briefly back to San Luis in southcentral Colorado, the state’s oldest continually inhabited town and a stop en route to Taos, New Mexico, during our April road trip. After exploring the Stations of the Cross Shrine, we continued our drive south on Colorado Highway 159, which turns into New Mexico Highway … Continue reading Bienvenido a Nuevo México

Spring’s Pageant

Between birding and gardening, I have not been able to settle down long enough to write a coherent story, so my post(s) about Taos, New Mexico, will have to wait. Spring is the time when birds migrate from their wintering to their breeding grounds. Some will build their nests, lay their eggs, and raise their … Continue reading Spring’s Pageant

Welcome to San Luis

During an April road trip with Taos in New Mexico as our destination, my husband and I revisited San Luis, Colorado’s oldest continually inhabited town, founded in 1851. Like many settlements in southern Colorado, it carries a Spanish name, as this part of the state once lay in the territory of New Spain. The farther … Continue reading Welcome to San Luis