Happy Birthday Colorado Springs

150 years ago to the day, on July 31, 1871, Colorado Springs was born with a stake-driving ceremony at what is now the intersection of Cascade and Pikes Peak Avenues, two major downtown streets, the latter in line with the eponymous mountain seen in the featured photo. Originally founded and known as Fountain Colony, the … Continue reading Happy Birthday Colorado Springs

Braiding Sweetgrass

I love to come across books that make me stop me in my tracks, make my jaw drop, and make me realize they have something profound to say. Braiding Sweetgrass is such a book. Originally published in 2013, it was republished in 2020 in a beautiful hardcover version by Milkweed Editions, an independent publisher. I … Continue reading Braiding Sweetgrass

A Summer Day On The Prairie

As I’m driving to Chico Basin Ranch in eastern El Paso County, the sun rises like an orange balloon above the horizon, hazy with smoke from wildfires farther west. I am eager to spend this July morning at one of my favorite birding destinations, which I haven’t visited since the end of May. Migration has … Continue reading A Summer Day On The Prairie

Come See Asia and Australia (at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

While the vast and varied African continent is home to myriad fascinating animals, Australia has its own charismatic fauna and a small selection can be encountered in the Australia Walkabout at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Imagine the otherworldly music of the didgeridoo as you amble through an enclosure where red-necked wallabies hop around freely and … Continue reading Come See Asia and Australia (at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

Visit Africa (at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

Do you remember when you were a little child and picture books of animals held boundless fascination? I think many of us grew up with images of lions and tigers and bears without knowing that they were exotic, because at that young age we learned their names alongside those of more common critters, such as … Continue reading Visit Africa (at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)