Welcome to the Insect Hotel

Various comments to my previous post prove how many of us appreciate not only butterflies’ beauty but also the idea that the beating of their wings has far-reaching consequences. While seeing them flutter from flower to flower is grounds for celebration, the relative scarcity of all insects is noticeable and has been commented on by … Continue reading Welcome to the Insect Hotel

Dreaming of Butterflies

When one’s dream of snow arriving on crystal wings remains unfulfilled (or those splendid hexagon crystals dissipate almost as soon as they appear), one might dream of other beautiful wings that drift through the air like apparitions from a better world. The realization that both crystal-winged and scaled-winged entities exist in this world renews a … Continue reading Dreaming of Butterflies

A German Posy

While what is supposed to be winter in Colorado Springs has only brought one short-lived snowfall, which has already receded into memory, and the landscape, instead of being clad in a snow-white suit is wearing a drab brown cloak, my mind wanders back to those autumn days in Germany still draped in colorful garb. My … Continue reading A German Posy

Memorable Moments 2021

Nothing inspires and delights me more than spending time in nature. Birds are the beings who make my heartstrings vibrate most fervently, but I also enjoy encounters with other animals. Fortunately, it’s still possible to meet scaled, furred, or feathered creatures, but I don’t take these joyful moments for granted and feel privileged whenever they … Continue reading Memorable Moments 2021

Still Hoping for Peace on Earth

As varied as our backgrounds and beliefs, we likely share the hope of a peaceful future for (wo)mankind. Despite being constantly bombarded with narratives of interpersonal differences and strife, each of us doubtlessly knows individuals who exemplify the good in humanity, or recall instances when someone’s unexpected kindhearted conduct stopped us in our tracks, and … Continue reading Still Hoping for Peace on Earth