Come See Asia and Australia (at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

While the vast and varied African continent is home to myriad fascinating animals, Australia has its own charismatic fauna and a small selection can be encountered in the Australia Walkabout at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Imagine the otherworldly music of the didgeridoo as you amble through an enclosure where red-necked wallabies hop around freely and … Continue reading Come See Asia and Australia (at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

Visit Africa (at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

Do you remember when you were a little child and picture books of animals held boundless fascination? I think many of us grew up with images of lions and tigers and bears without knowing that they were exotic, because at that young age we learned their names alongside those of more common critters, such as … Continue reading Visit Africa (at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo)

Welcome to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

North America’s most elevated zoo happens to be located in Colorado Springs. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is situated on the eastern flank of Cheyenne Mountain, one of the Front Range peaks that dominates the skyline just west of the city. Its entrance is located at 6,718 feet above sea level, but the zoo’s footprint, following the … Continue reading Welcome to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Goslings Galore

It would take a hardened soul to resist the appeal of baby geese. Even someone with ambivalent feelings about Canada Geese whose numbers, already generous, are growing, likely could not resist a smile during an encounter with goslings. On the 0-100 cuteness scale, they easily score 110. Many birds are born naked and are not … Continue reading Goslings Galore

A Weaselly Surprise

When I noticed something bright in my peripheral field of vision and my eyes afterward focused on this sleek creature, I felt slightly disoriented. The animal seemed out of its element, at least in my mind. It was October 2020 and I was birding along a paved path in a well-developed suburban subdivision. A weasel … Continue reading A Weaselly Surprise