Autumn Is In The Air

Autumn is a lovely time of year Cooler days are finally here. Flora’s summer colors still hang on, Are enriched by fall attire most plants don.   As forests get ready to shed their coverings I gleefully pull on woolen leggings. Thick sweaters are my favorite things to wear, Help the coming frigid months to … Continue reading Autumn Is In The Air

A German Posy

While what is supposed to be winter in Colorado Springs has only brought one short-lived snowfall, which has already receded into memory, and the landscape, instead of being clad in a snow-white suit is wearing a drab brown cloak, my mind wanders back to those autumn days in Germany still draped in colorful garb. My … Continue reading A German Posy

Autumn’s Bounty

No season will ever replace springtime from its firmly entrenched first place in my ranking of favorite seasons, but autumn follows a close second. With summer and its often unbearable estival heat behind, more pleasant temperatures prevail. And while the prospect of shorter, colder, and occasionally even somber days lies in the future, the surrounding … Continue reading Autumn’s Bounty

Moon of the Yellowing Leaves

Some days assume an ethereal quality during the living, and October 1 was just such a day. In search of fall colors, my husband and I traveled to Mueller State Park in neighboring Teller County, about 30 miles (48 Km) west of Colorado Springs. 9 o'clock in the morning found the thermometer flirting with a … Continue reading Moon of the Yellowing Leaves