Buffalo Peaks Ranch

A multi-layered tapestry of vegetation stretches before my eyes, the various hues and heights snuggling against the backdrop of angular mesas, rounded knobs, and a morning sky that already carries the promise of afternoon showers. Myriad swallows dart across the canvas. Their constant chattering fills the air, and is only disrupted by the intermittent approach … Continue reading Buffalo Peaks Ranch

The Power Of Books

Stories, invented or real, have captured our collective imagination ever since we acquired the ability to think and talk in the mists of time, and our personal imagination since our own dawn of consciousness. Committing our stories not only to memory, but to papyrus, parchment, or paper, created a vehicle to transfer them across time … Continue reading The Power Of Books

For the Love of Books

When I realize that my sojourn in Germany coincides with the Frankfurt Book Fair, there is no question in my mind that I will attend. Despite living in Germany for the first two decades of my life, in those years I either lacked the opportunity, or the curiosity. The annual five-day affair is tailored to … Continue reading For the Love of Books