Chico Magic

When reflecting on a possible blog post theme suitable for the waning year, I didn’t feel inspired to offer the traditional end-of-year-review, but thought of a cherished spot on the map where I spent a lot of time during this, and previous years. I recently wrote about one of my happy places, Fountain Creek Regional … Continue reading Chico Magic

One of my Happy Places: Fountain Creek Regional Park

Do you have a “happy place” you return to time and again? I have several, a circumstance I’m extremely grateful for. One of the places I have written about more than once, is Fountain Creek Regional Park. Situated in Fountain, a town just south of Colorado Springs, and along Fountain Creek, our major regional stream, … Continue reading One of my Happy Places: Fountain Creek Regional Park

The Many Faces Of Summer

How has your summer been? Naturally beautiful and uplifting, while at the same time so hot and dry that it was hard to endure looking at the sun's broiling face and you spent most of the daytime hours in the cool basement or in air-conditioned rooms? Physically and mentally challenging, with reminders of your mortality? … Continue reading The Many Faces Of Summer

A County First

Colorado holds a few records in the United States: With 6,800 feet (2,073 meters), it has the highest mean elevation among the 50 states. It is also the only state whose entire area lies above 3,280 feet (1,000 meters). El Paso County, where we live, is the most populous of Colorado’s 64 counties, based on … Continue reading A County First