Still Hoping for Peace on Earth

As varied as our backgrounds and beliefs, we likely share the hope of a peaceful future for (wo)mankind. Despite being constantly bombarded with narratives of interpersonal differences and strife, each of us doubtlessly knows individuals who exemplify the good in humanity, or recall instances when someone’s unexpected kindhearted conduct stopped us in our tracks, and … Continue reading Still Hoping for Peace on Earth

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

I don’t consider myself a practicing Christian, yet continue to practice – and relish – Christmas, at least certain aspects. In a globalizing and homogenizing world, traditions have the power to ground and to offer a sense of belonging. My recent journey to Europe coincided with the holiday season and re-exposed me to some of … Continue reading It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Happy Holidays

The month of December seems to magnify the distance between my current home in America and my childhood stomping grounds in Germany, but whenever I am overcome by wistfulness, carrying on some of my childhood customs is a comfort, and intertwining traditions from my two worlds an enrichment. Our festive holiday season in Colorado typically commences with … Continue reading Happy Holidays