No Aquatic Insect

All I knew was that American Dippers ate aquatic insects. Neither flashy nor flamboyant, unlike the waxwings you met recently, dippers’ charisma derives less from their looks (though they are by no means unattractive), but rather from their behavior and—not to forget—from their mellifluous vocalizations. One of five global species of dippers, the range of … Continue reading No Aquatic Insect

70-plus Reasons to be Happy

  When one studies this map of North America, courtesy of Cornell’s website “All About Birds,” and looks at the rectangle that represents Colorado (the NE quadrant as seen from the Four Corners), one notices that the southcentral and southeastern portions of the state are shaded a light blue, indicating that the bird in question … Continue reading 70-plus Reasons to be Happy

Happy Birthday, AdAmAn Club

In order to publicize Pikes Peak, “America’s Mountain,” some imaginative Colorado Springs promoters conceived the idea to set off fireworks from the summit of Pikes Peak on New Year’s Eve in 1922. The arduous trek on foot and with heavy backpacks that held the firework rockets was made by mountaineering brothers Fred and Ed Morath; … Continue reading Happy Birthday, AdAmAn Club

What is New at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?

A better question would be: “Who is new at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?” 2022, like the year before, brought a number of animal babies to our local zoo and my husband and I visited there twice to welcome the new additions—on August 31 and October 21. The zoo’s first newborn, a spring baby, was Rocky … Continue reading What is New at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo?

Insects Welcome!

October 4 was a stay-at-home day in order to nurse our Covid and Influenza vaccine-related fatigue, malaise, and soreness. Cloudy and sunlit skies took turns and were punctuated by brief periods of rain. During one of the sunny intervals, a Monarch Butterfly was seen flitting from cosmos to cosmos in our driveway, which has turned … Continue reading Insects Welcome!