Deer-proof Tulips

You might remember my mentioning that tulips don’t thrive in our neighborhood because hungry deer devour the blossoms as soon as they appear—if they didn’t eat the buds already. The tulips planted in this post, tempting to deer as they might be at first glance, will resist any attempt at snipping off. During a recent … Continue reading Deer-proof Tulips

Winter Patterns

Do you sometimes envy water? I do. Artist Nature has no equal, and each season carries its own reminders of that fact. While water is essential year-round, its ability to change shape seems never more obvious than during winter, when it transforms from liquid into vapor, frost, graupel, sleet, snow, or ice. And maybe water's … Continue reading Winter Patterns

Rail Fest

Virginia Rails are known as solitary and secretive denizens of marshes (their scientific name Rallus limicola literally translates as mud-dwelling rail), but during certain seasons they seem to forget about their secretive natures and not only show their furtive selves to appreciative eyes, but even convene for rail parties. Contrary to their name’s suggestion, their … Continue reading Rail Fest

Winter At Last

No sooner had I lamented January’s dearth of snow than our first substantial winter storm dropped a much-anticipated and greatly appreciated 7 inches in our corner of the country. As we all know, not each snowfall is created equal. While we have lived through many a blizzard, this most recent meteorological event allowed each snowflake … Continue reading Winter At Last

January Takes Its Leave

Being stuck who knows where on the trajectory of the decades-long mega-drought that has been haunting the American West since the year 2000, precipitation in any form is welcome. Living in Colorado, in winter one has the not unreasonable expectation or hope for this precipitation to assume the form of snow. However, as I have … Continue reading January Takes Its Leave