A Few of my Favorite Things

In early June, I attended the annual Colorado Field Ornithologists’ Convention in Steamboat Springs, in northwest Colorado. The CFO has hosted these yearly gatherings since the 1960s, but it was my first. I enjoyed meeting birders from various corners of our state, and joining field trips to a number of counties on three consecutive days, … Continue reading A Few of my Favorite Things

An Elevated Place

If not for visionaries like Wyman E. Mueller and his wife Eleanor, Colorado might have only 41, instead of 42 State Parks. Thanks to their long view and interest in conservation, the 12,103 acres of the Mueller Ranch, an agglomeration of property acquired by the family bit by bit from previous owners, came under the … Continue reading An Elevated Place

Time Travel

     Colorado is known for its outstanding natural beauty and wildlife, but it is also nearly impossible to wander anywhere without stumbling across historic relics. Castlewood Canyon State Park is among our favorite destinations which afford glimpses through the window of time, and insights into the lives of those who left their tracks on this … Continue reading Time Travel