A Summer Day On The Prairie

As I’m driving to Chico Basin Ranch in eastern El Paso County, the sun rises like an orange balloon above the horizon, hazy with smoke from wildfires farther west. I am eager to spend this July morning at one of my favorite birding destinations, which I haven’t visited since the end of May. Migration has … Continue reading A Summer Day On The Prairie

Hoping for Spring, Hoping for Earth

April’s reputation as a changeable, capricious month is well established, but it seems to have been particularly fickle this year. Each suggestion of spring was followed by a wintry interlude. Our early garden bloomers—hyacinths and daffodils—spent more time weighed down by snow or encrusted by frost than with their cheerful heads held high. After admiring … Continue reading Hoping for Spring, Hoping for Earth

The Amazing Yucca

Among the multitude of notable and noticeable plants of the Great Plains, one stands out by virtue not only of its height of 2 to 3 feet, but also because of its striking spikes, studded with cream-colored to green petals, and adorned with reddish sepals. Soapweed Yucca (Yucca glauca) is one of a number of … Continue reading The Amazing Yucca

Springtime In Germany

I hadn’t paid a vernal visit to Germany for many years, until my husband and I arrived there in early May of this year. Living in the semi-arid climate of Colorado’s Front Range, we are accustomed to many more shades of brown than of green, but the photoreceptors responsible for numerous nuances of that latter … Continue reading Springtime In Germany

A Sea Of Smiling Suns

It is the time of year when my eyes espy yellow blossoms everywhere. They might have been here for a while, but as other blooms are fading and giving way to seed heads, sunflowers still shine. They seem to have served as solar collectors all summer long, and are now returning the stored sunshine as … Continue reading A Sea Of Smiling Suns