Happy Birthday, Colorado Springs

150 years ago to the day, on July 31, 1871, Colorado Springs was born with a stake-driving ceremony at what is now the intersection of Cascade and Pikes Peak Avenues, two major downtown streets, the latter in line with the eponymous mountain seen in the featured photo. Originally founded and known as Fountain Colony, the … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Colorado Springs

Just Another City Park

One of the oldest “parks” in Colorado Springs is North Cheyenne Cañon. Ever since the founding of the city by General William Jackson Palmer in 1871, this local landmark has enjoyed great popularity among residents and visitors alike. The official park originated in 1885, when the city purchased 640 acres from Colorado College, and reached … Continue reading Just Another City Park

Dippered Out

On this late December day, I enjoy the wintry brilliance of Elevenmile Canyon for the first time. Knowing it hitherto only in its summer apparel, today I participate in a birding and photography field trip offered by the Colorado Springs Aiken Audubon Society. Only three people signed up, but we benefit from having our leader … Continue reading Dippered Out

Rock Ledge Ranch

Today I will add to the lore about General William Jackson Palmer, the founder of Colorado Springs. Based on numerous testimonies, he was a generous man. Only a few years after his marriage to Mary Lincoln “Queen” Mellen, his father-in-law died. Mr. Mellen had married Queen’s aunt, following the premature death of her mother when … Continue reading Rock Ledge Ranch

A View of Manitou

While hiking the Paul Intemann Memorial Trail between Crystal Park Road and Ruxton Avenue not long ago, scenes of Manitou Springs gradually unfold, and with them reminders of how marketable the hamlet has been from the moment it was put on the map. Since George Ruxton, British explorer, travel writer, and namesake of a prominent … Continue reading A View of Manitou