Autumn’s Bounty

No season will ever replace springtime from its firmly entrenched first place in my ranking of favorite seasons, but autumn follows a close second. With summer and its often unbearable estival heat behind, more pleasant temperatures prevail. And while the prospect of shorter, colder, and occasionally even somber days lies in the future, the surrounding … Continue reading Autumn’s Bounty

My Native Country

The German region Rheinhessen (Rhine Hesse, or Rhinehessen) is where I was born and spent my childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. Its name is as confusing as its tumultuous history, which I can only paint in very broad brushstrokes. The triangular area west of the Rhine river, today bordered by the cities Bingen, Mainz, and … Continue reading My Native Country

Germany’s Wild Beasts

On my nature walks, I try to pay attention to all flora and fauna. While my antennae are always on alert for avian activity, they also register other animals. During our sojourn in Germany, I happened upon a few scaly and furry creatures, and some sat still long enough to enable me to take their … Continue reading Germany’s Wild Beasts