The Comfort Of Cranes

Do you have a ritual you perform, either when you are elated and ecstatic, or when you feel down and depressed? Are there natural refuges you seek when you need to reset your compass? Ever since feathered beings have captured my heart and imagination, and ever since first witnessing the twice-annual migration of Sandhill cranes … Continue reading The Comfort Of Cranes

Birds of Ages

During one’s short stint on our blue planet, some days stand out because of sadness and pain, others for the joy they bring. As humans we are privileged to witness natural phenomena likely to give wing to our imagination. Colorado’s San Luis Valley with its stunning scenery happens to be the stage where, for eons, … Continue reading Birds of Ages

Monte Vista

The spring and fall migrations of Sandhill Cranes through Colorado’s San Luis Valley is one of our state’s highly anticipated spectacles. In March 2011, my family and I witnessed it for the first time, during the annual Crane Festival, and I returned again in 2014. On that occasion, I experienced the gathering of thousands of these magnificent birds … Continue reading Monte Vista