A Summer Day On The Prairie

As I’m driving to Chico Basin Ranch in eastern El Paso County, the sun rises like an orange balloon above the horizon, hazy with smoke from wildfires farther west. I am eager to spend this July morning at one of my favorite birding destinations, which I haven’t visited since the end of May. Migration has … Continue reading A Summer Day On The Prairie

Fledgling Summer

If eggs are beautifully wrapped gifts with beguiling potential and naked hatchlings are the unsightly presents precious to the giver but not necessarily the giftee, by the time nestlings have put on fluffy down and are begging for food with wide, brightly colored gapes, most recipients would consider them at least acceptable, if not downright … Continue reading Fledgling Summer

Some Like It Hot

Summer was hot in more ways than one. While most humans prefer privacy during their copulatory acts, many animals have no such compunctions. They do it in bright daylight, under the gaze of anyone not bothered by engaging in voyeurism. Even if one does not seek to be privy to these amorous alliances, one can’t … Continue reading Some Like It Hot

Goodbye Summer

Goodbye to summer heat. You scorch the earth And sap humans and animals alike. Servus Sommer Du versengst die Erde Und laugst Menschen und Tiere gleichermaßen aus. So long to colorful blossoms. You delight the senses And provide a feast to connoisseurs of nectar. Auf Wiedersehen Ihr farbigen Blüten Ihr erfreut die Sinne Und bereitet … Continue reading Goodbye Summer

Colorado Wildflowers

It has been an unusual year for wildflowers. On the plains and in the foothills, a cool and wet spring engendered floral profusion, if a bit belated. In the mountains, heavy spring snows delayed blossoming, and some flower lovers worry that the alpine flora, robust as it is, might not have enough time to complete … Continue reading Colorado Wildflowers