Springtime In Germany

I hadn’t paid a vernal visit to Germany for many years, until my husband and I arrived there in early May of this year. Living in the semi-arid climate of Colorado’s Front Range, we are accustomed to many more shades of brown than of green, but the photoreceptors responsible for numerous nuances of that latter … Continue reading Springtime In Germany

Highway Of Miracles

It doesn’t take much for my equanimity to be disturbed, sad to say. During my return from a birding trip to New Mexico in late April, where I had been caught unawares when the thermometer climbed above 85 degrees Fahrenheit (30 Celsius), I was taken equally by surprise by a gathering bank of clouds that … Continue reading Highway Of Miracles

Earth Still Spins

Some destinations exert a magnetic force, compelling us to return time and again. New Mexico’s Villanueva State Park is one such destination for me. Reachable only by a little-traveled county road, it is situated at the end of a fertile valley first frequented by Paleo-Indians and farmed in more recent centuries by Hispanic settlers, with … Continue reading Earth Still Spins

Peace On Earth

As varied as our backgrounds and beliefs, most of us undoubtedly share the hope of a peaceful future for all (wo)mankind. Despite interpersonal differences and strife, we all know individuals who exemplify the good in humanity, or recall instances when someone’s unexpected conduct stopped us in our tracks, and made us reflect how we would … Continue reading Peace On Earth