Wildflowers of May

Somewhat surprisingly, we have had a wet spring in Colorado Springs. Living in a state suffering from drought for the last decades, repeated episodes of late snow and rain have been very welcome. Of note, while the foothills of the Rockies as well as plains have benefitted, the western third of the state, also known … Continue reading Wildflowers of May

Flower Power

Whatever disheartening sadness and unspeakable tragedies May and June might have held, those are not the only realities, thank goodness. The recent months also brought lengthening days with copious sunshine, alongside the reappearance of myriad plants and animals. This new or renewing life in nature’s multiple sphere’s affords gratuitous and gratifying glimpses for those of … Continue reading Flower Power

Goodbye Summer

Goodbye to summer heat. You scorch the earth And sap humans and animals alike. Servus Sommer Du versengst die Erde Und laugst Menschen und Tiere gleichermaßen aus. So long to colorful blossoms. You delight the senses And provide a feast to connoisseurs of nectar. Auf Wiedersehen Ihr farbigen Blüten Ihr erfreut die Sinne Und bereitet … Continue reading Goodbye Summer

Colorado Wildflowers

It has been an unusual year for wildflowers. On the plains and in the foothills, a cool and wet spring engendered floral profusion, if a bit belated. In the mountains, heavy spring snows delayed blossoming, and some flower lovers worry that the alpine flora, robust as it is, might not have enough time to complete … Continue reading Colorado Wildflowers