Winter Fun

I have previously expressed my appreciation for “random acts of art.” As most of us will agree, Mother Nature always has—and always will be—the greatest, most thoughtful, and most innovative artist. And while human art is only a faint echo, a pale imitation of nature’s, it can be extraordinarily beautiful, mentally stimulating, or simply fun. … Continue reading Winter Fun

Happy Winter Memories

Our home planet continues on its annual trek around our solar center and the northern hemisphere is tilting closer to the sun, yet coldness and harshness linger. While earth’s climate is warming, humanity’s collective heart is growing colder and runs the risk of freezing permanently. I hate to be bleak, and I’m in no way, … Continue reading Happy Winter Memories

Winter Patterns

Do you sometimes envy water? I do. Artist Nature has no equal, and each season carries its own reminders of that fact. While water is essential year-round, its ability to change shape seems never more obvious than during winter, when it transforms from liquid into vapor, frost, graupel, sleet, snow, or ice. And maybe water's … Continue reading Winter Patterns

Winter At Last

No sooner had I lamented January’s dearth of snow than our first substantial winter storm dropped a much-anticipated and greatly appreciated 7 inches in our corner of the country. As we all know, not each snowfall is created equal. While we have lived through many a blizzard, this most recent meteorological event allowed each snowflake … Continue reading Winter At Last

January Birding

Whenever I head out the door to go birding, my husband tells me “I hope you will see what you are looking for.” During most of my outings, I don’t look for one particular bird, but stroll around one of my regular haunts while keeping track of whatever feathered friends show themselves on that particular … Continue reading January Birding