Barn Art

I’m always touched by “random acts of art,” never more so than when they are committed in out-of-the-way places. I happened across such an artistic act in the eastern reaches of El Paso County in February. While driving along a little-traveled county road (the Peyton Highway just north of the town of Hanover, for those familiar with local geography), I noticed a bright red barn on the opposite side of my lane, but by the time I realized that it had been transformed into a canvas, I was already past it.

No problem. A quick glance into my mirrors convinced me that I was alone on the road so I stepped on the brake, put the car in reverse, pulled onto the shoulder, and stepped out of the vehicle. I’m a sucker for cute animals and seeing so many endearing furred and feathered faces immediately made me smile.

The barn mural faces the property’s driveway and road so that the owners only have occasion to enjoy it when leaving or returning to their home. It stands to reason that one of their motivations for creating these charming country scenes was the edification of their neighbors and other passers-by, at least as much as their own.

I, for one, am grateful for this gratuitous gift of delightful creatures and am extending a warm thank you to the unknown benefactors.

61 thoughts on “Barn Art

  1. We love back country roads where one can stop suddenly, turn around or even back up to see an unexpected view. Those unexpected pleasures are often the most fun.
    I wonder if the artist lived on the farm.

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    • I do that all the time and have made many similarly lovely discoveries.
      I don’t know if the owners are the artists, or if they hired someone else to paint the murals. I have never seen a person there, otherwise I might have asked.

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    • I am curious, Steve, and if I had seen people there, I would have complimented them and asked about the artist. Each time I drive past the building, I keep my eyes open for a person, but so far, no luck. The west-facing wall of the barn is not visible from the road, unlike the other three sides, so I don’t know if that is solidly painted or has its own art. Good thought! But unless I trespass, I won’t be able to find out.


    • Good observation, Neil. You are correct. Much of Colorado is very arid, and the state has been in a drought off and on for several decades. Every once in a while we have a wet summer and then everything looks amazingly green.

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    • I agree with you, Julie. And the gift is greatly appreciated.
      Thank you for stopping by. I have been meaning to look for your posts because it seems that I hadn’t seen any for a while, and I just now found your new ones. See you there. 🙂


  2. It’s always a treat and uplifting as wel to come across these art expressions of happiness. Much better than some of the graffiti we see in places. I drive by something similar on my rides and should stop as you did. Maybe I will with your encouragement, Tanja. 🙂

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  3. This would have been great on the side of any barn, but it sure looks to me as though the scene’s been painted on a metal building, and the artist has had to work with the ‘rippled’ surface of the sheet metal. It’s wonderfully done; did you stop to inquire about the artist? My guess would be that it was done by a family member of friend, but that’s only a guess.

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    • That’s a very astute observation, Linda. To be honest, I had not considered the added difficulty of having to paint on a rippled surface.
      As I wrote to Steve, I have never seen a person at the property, so have not had a chance to inquire about the artist. But if I ever see someone in the yard, I will stop and let them know how much I enjoy their barn.

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  4. Das ist ja allerliebst Tanja! Wie schön, wenn Menschen ein Gefühl und Platz für so etwas haben, was auch andere Menschen erfreut. Und wie schön, daß du umgedreht bist und uns diese herrlichen Bilder zeigst! LG Almuth

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