Winter Fun

I have previously expressed my appreciation for “random acts of art.” As most of us will agree, Mother Nature always has—and always will be—the greatest, most thoughtful, and most innovative artist. And while human art is only a faint echo, a pale imitation of nature’s, it can be extraordinarily beautiful, mentally stimulating, or simply fun. … Continue reading Winter Fun

Meet Ice Artist, Winter River

Not many artists work in ice. The material is too unpredictable, unreliable, tricky to handle, cold to touch, evanescent. There is no guarantee that it will keep its shape. But when it does, it represents pure perfection. Winter River is one of the few artists who not only works in ice, he does so masterfully. … Continue reading Meet Ice Artist, Winter River

Ice Art

Behind us lies autumn and its attendant allure. Before us, springtime, full of new promise and novel prospects, filled with life renewed, reborn. Despite subtle signs of spring, vernal equinox is yet to come. The hibernal months might hold more darkness than light, bring illness and even eternal sleep to dear friends and family. Bemoaned … Continue reading Ice Art