Meet Ice Artist, Winter River

Not many artists work in ice. The material is too unpredictable, unreliable, tricky to handle, cold to touch, evanescent. There is no guarantee that it will keep its shape. But when it does, it represents pure perfection.

Winter River is one of the few artists who not only works in ice, he does so masterfully. He creates instantaneously, rushes into it headlong. Effortlessly he applies a basic coat to his canvas, then touches his whimsical brush where he pleases. He sprinkles additional layers here and there, sprays the branches of some adjacent trees, dips others repeatedly until they are wholly glazed.

Winter River works tirelessly night and day. Though not dependent on the sun, when the two cooperate, the river’s masterwork luminesces with a light on loan from the heavens.

Ice artist, Winter River, knows that the less commonplace his designs, the better they are liked. He does not hold back when he creates, but like many fickle artists, might be here one day and gone the next, which is why now is the time to watch him paint.

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42 thoughts on “Meet Ice Artist, Winter River

  1. At first I took Winter River to be the name of the river. Now I think it’s a description. Either way, it works.

    Etymologically speaking, winter is related to wet; how ironic, given that winter is the season when water temporarily stops being wet.

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    • I am glad you think my made-up, descriptive term for the stream worked, Steve. It came to me as I was walking along its frozen banks.
      I appreciate you sharing your etymological observations, which I had not really thought through. As we have remarked before, language is less logical than we might want to give it credit for.

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  2. I know that the nature is the best artist and Your gorgeous photos verified it. I read this in Your post: “Not many artists work in ice”. Not true, because in Finland we have many ice and snow artists. I have shown this in many of my posts. Here is one of them:

    Ice sculptures

    Have a good day!

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