Flower Power

Whatever disheartening sadness and unspeakable tragedies May and June might have held, those are not the only realities, thank goodness. The recent months also brought lengthening days with copious sunshine, alongside the reappearance of myriad plants and animals. This new or renewing life in nature’s multiple sphere’s affords gratuitous and gratifying glimpses for those of … Continue reading Flower Power

So This Was April

As this month is drawing to a close, I am, again, musing about its changeability. From record low to record high temperatures, from snow- and rainfalls to wind- and thunderstorms, Colorado Springs has seen it all. Whereas the first spring flowers were welcomed warmly, they paid for their precocity with their lives. Our daffodils and … Continue reading So This Was April

Apríl, Apríl, Does What It Will

The title is a direct (if slightly old-fashioned) translation of a German saying, “April, April, macht was er will” (the emphasis being on the second syllable of Apríl, which is why I spelled it with an accent mark). The month with the reputation of being fickle, of doing what it wants with regard to the … Continue reading Apríl, Apríl, Does What It Will

Looking For Spring

The plethora of shared nature impressions from my fellow bloggers in the last weeks is a reminder that springtime in Colorado arrives later than in other locations. The following images of Fountain Creek Regional Park, one of my favorite go-to places that help me forget about our chaotic reality, at least temporarily, were taken at … Continue reading Looking For Spring

The Amazing Yucca

Among the multitude of notable and noticeable plants of the Great Plains, one stands out by virtue not only of its height of 2 to 3 feet, but also because of its striking spikes, studded with cream-colored to green petals, and adorned with reddish sepals. Soapweed Yucca (Yucca glauca) is one of a number of … Continue reading The Amazing Yucca