Winter Fun

I have previously expressed my appreciation for “random acts of art.” As most of us will agree, Mother Nature always has—and always will be—the greatest, most thoughtful, and most innovative artist. And while human art is only a faint echo, a pale imitation of nature’s, it can be extraordinarily beautiful, mentally stimulating, or simply fun. … Continue reading Winter Fun

Season’s Greetings

Winter Solstice is only a few days away, but wintry interludes have punctuated the weather along Colorado’s Front Range since mid-October, when a deep freeze brought an abrupt end to still-blooming flowers and changing leaves, which suddenly and sadly lost their pigment nearly overnight, and became brown and brittle appendages, that rattled through brisk autumn … Continue reading Season’s Greetings

Wintry Impressions

Winter solstice is rapidly approaching, the meteorologic beginning of the fourth season. While the attendant cold, muted colors, and reduced avian activity render this time of year less attractive to many, in one respect winter’s beauty is unrivaled. Die Wintersonnenwende nähert sich mit rasenden Schritten, und mit ihr der meteorologische Beginn der vierten Jahreszeit. Auch … Continue reading Wintry Impressions