My body is in line.

It is at its darkest point,

but only for a short time.

Not enough time for madness or temporary depression to

     set in.

The darkest point is only a brief window of opportunity.

Opportunity for sadness, loneliness, falling out of love

     and other states associated with the lack of light.

But before the opportunity can be taken, the shadows


The light becomes stronger,

pulling me toward it.

The warmth, the promise it holds.

And so I begin another cycle,

along with the animals, the plants, the oceans and winds

and all that feel this same pull.


I come into balance.

I begin again.

It is only December twenty-second and it is already

     starting to feel like summer.


Ofelia Zepeda (born 1952), “The South Corner“, from the anthology Sisters of the Earth: Women’s Prose & Poetry about Nature. Lorraine Anderson, ed., 2nd edition, 2003.


Click here for the German version/klicken Sie bitte hier für die deutsche Version:

16 thoughts on “Solstice

  1. Winter-Solstice: Just four months till the first locally grown asparagus is in the shelves. Not quite as poetic as the poem, but the idea is equally uplifting …;-)

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  2. Wow that photo is incredible, Tanja! Is it yours? It deserves to be framed!
    Excellent poetry too. Funnily enough I feel like spring is just around the corner too – as we’ve been having spring-like weather the past couple of days, but I am sure we aren’t done with winter just yet over here. 🙂

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