Spring Firsts

Do you like spring? Have spring rituals? Engage in treasured activities or events? Take off your clothes and expose your white winter skin to the first warming rays of the sun? If you just reread this last question and are now worried about getting subjected to my exhibitionist tendencies, fear not—they are nonexistent. But apparently … Continue reading Spring Firsts

Spring Surprises

Surprises come in two variations—positive and negative. Like most people who care about our planet and its denizens, I worry about contagion, wars, and climate change. While I’m extremely grateful that nobody is shooting at me or making me leave my home and country, that water flows when I turn on the faucet and electricity … Continue reading Spring Surprises

Deer-proof Tulips

You might remember my mentioning that tulips don’t thrive in our neighborhood because hungry deer devour the blossoms as soon as they appear—if they didn’t eat the buds already. The tulips planted in this post, tempting to deer as they might be at first glance, will resist any attempt at snipping off. During a recent … Continue reading Deer-proof Tulips

April Brings Avocets

As a short, squat person, I have always envied long-legged creatures. That fact alone doesn’t explain my fascination with birds who seem to walk on stilts, but it might contribute. And so it was with great joy that, in early April, I greeted the first sizeable flock of migratory shorebirds to grace the shore of … Continue reading April Brings Avocets