Street Art

One of the noticeable features of downtown Colorado Springs is its public art. Similar to other American communities, suburban spread in the 1980s resulted in a lackluster city center. This dilemma was addressed in the early 1990s when the city council adopted an action plan, which led to the formation in 1997 of what became … Continue reading Street Art

Goslings Galore

It would take a hardened soul to resist the appeal of baby geese. Even someone with ambivalent feelings about Canada Geese whose numbers, already generous, are growing, likely could not resist a smile during an encounter with goslings. On the 0-100 cuteness scale, they easily score 110. Many birds are born naked and are not … Continue reading Goslings Galore

Wildflowers of May

Somewhat surprisingly, we have had a wet spring in Colorado Springs. Living in a state suffering from drought for the last decades, repeated episodes of late snow and rain have been very welcome. Of note, while the foothills of the Rockies as well as plains have benefitted, the western third of the state, also known … Continue reading Wildflowers of May

Birding Big Day

May 8, 2021 was designated Global Big Day, a day to encourage individuals worldwide to watch birds and report their sightings to eBird. 51,816 participants submitted 133,887 checklists with 7,234 different avian species. The day resulted in four world records: The greatest number of birders, from the most countries, reported more species on more checklists … Continue reading Birding Big Day