Garden of Eden

Of all the states in the Union, Colorado boasts the most 14ers (between 52 and 54, according to the source) and the highest mean elevation (6,800 feet), and lies therefore closest to heaven. It is a place of sunshine, natural splendor, and rarefied air, and with this in mind it should come as no surprise that it is also home to the Garden of Eden. I have seen it with my own eyes – was actually there not long ago.

Lest it be frequented even more, I will say merely that Eden lies in a cozy valley near a charming mountain town not far from the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. It can only be reached via steep, narrow hiking trails strewn with rocks and studded with roots. Because water signifies the origin of all life, the dell is fittingly formed and dominated by a creek which fosters the growth of dense vegetation. Towering boulders on one side and a sloping hill clad in varying shades of green on the other provide a sense of seclusion suitable for an exclusive garden.

Like the verdant and lush landscape currently on the cusp of autumn, the soundscape also harmonizes with the paradisiacal setting. The water’s gentle murmuring is complemented by the euphonic singing of birds, humming of insects, rustling of aspen leaves, and whispering of ponderosa pines and Douglas firs. The locale’s natural beauty and peaceful ambiance, its variety of plant and animal life as well as the general absence of human cacophony harken back to a prelapsarian state which might have inspired its Arcadian name.

Definitely present in Paradise: Golden-mantled ground squirrels

Jan and Richard, I am grateful you asked me to housesit for you. Your residence is closer to Eden than most others in your hamlet, thereby enabling me to visit it more easily; but staying in your domicile, on your plot of land, very nearly approximated the experience of living in Paradise already, without having to take additional steps.

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