Some Like It Hot

Summer was hot in more ways than one. While most humans prefer privacy during their copulatory acts, many animals have no such compunctions. They do it in bright daylight, under the gaze of anyone not bothered by engaging in voyeurism. Even if one does not seek to be privy to these amorous alliances, one can’t help but stumble on them—or, as it were, nearly roll over them with one’s bike.

Der Sommer war in mehr als einer Hinsicht heiß. Wohingegen sich die meisten Menschen im Privaten paaren, haben viele Tiere keine solchen Hemmungen. Sie tun es am hellichten Tag unter den Blicken derer, denen es nichts ausmacht, Voyeurismus zu praktizieren. Selbst wenn man es nicht anstrebt, Einblicke in diese Liebesangelegenheiten zu gewinnen, ist es einem manchmal unmöglich, nicht über sie zu stolpern, bzw. sie fast mit seinem Rad zu überfahren.

To augment the heat of their loins, grasshoppers (in this case, pairs of Plains Lubber Grasshoppers) turn up the temperature of their lovemaking by absorbing additional warmth from the pavement that has been baked by the summer sun, and they become oblivious to anything and anyone in their surroundings.

Um die Hitze ihrer Lenden noch zu steigern, erhöhen Heuschrecken die Temperatur ihres Liebesspiels, indem sie zusätzliche Wärme vom Straßenpflaster absorbieren, das von der Sommersonne gebacken wurde, und werden dabei so selbstvergessen, daß sie nichts und niemanden in ihrer Umgebung wahrnehmen.

Did I mention that this summer was steaming hot? 😊

Habe ich bereits erwähnt, daß dieser Sommer besonders heiß war? 😊

53 thoughts on “Some Like It Hot

    • Maybe I blushed a little myself, Takami, but not enough to avert my eyes. 😊
      We are well, thank you. It’s finally cooling off a little, and I am trying to get used to the noticeably shorter days.
      I hope all is well with you and your family, too!

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  1. Some do like it hot! 😊 What awesome action shots ‘doing the deed’, Tanja! I can’t help if seeing any wildlife mating action, that I want to watch it and learn. Pretty much amazing stuff usually. Thank goodness it’s against the law for humans to in public places.

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    • How interesting an observation. Too be honest, it didn’t look physical at all, at least not to my eyes, but I know basically nothing about insect love. They might have been resting in between bouts of passionate activity. 🙂


  2. What a fun post! I’ve never encountered amorous grasshoppers, but the lizards that live around my place are just as shameless. It’s one thing to have a lizard give you the side-eye. It’s quite another for a pair to fix you with a glare that clearly says, “We’re busy here, big bi-pedal creature. Move along!”

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    • I am glad you enjoyed the post, Linda. I find that in all of nature, only humans associate sex with shame. There have always been humans convinced that anything that gives pleasure must be sinful. It’s not an ideology I share.


  3. Hi Tanja! An interesting post for the seasonal change. I suppose creatures as mosquitos come into our habitat because we humans are so invasive with nature all year long. We term them as bugs. They must term us as bugs also. 😰

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