Autumn Is In The Air

Autumn is a lovely time of year

Cooler days are finally here.

Flora’s summer colors still hang on,

Are enriched by fall attire most plants don.


As forests get ready to shed their coverings

I gleefully pull on woolen leggings.

Thick sweaters are my favorite things to wear,

Help the coming frigid months to bear.


I take a bow to our sun-lounging summer guests

Wish them Godspeed on their future quests.

And a safe return when equinox next rolls round

Until then may they—and may we all—stay safe and sound.


To enlarge a photo, click on it. To read its caption, hover cursor over it.

PS: With apologies to poets everywhere, and to my fellow bloggers in the southern hemisphere who are reveling in springtime.

57 thoughts on “Autumn Is In The Air

  1. Coolness must be a relief for you! Spring has been wonderfully nice until today which has been horrible, freezing cold, and we’ve had a lot of snow during the day. I hope you get a nice show of autumn colour!

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  2. A fine tribute to my favourite time of year. But autumn (fall) is also tinged with sadness, is it not, when we watch those migrating birds depart in the knowledge that many won’t make it back to brighten our lives again next year.

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  3. Wonderful read, Tanja. I enjoyed it very much.
    The grasshopper, the lizard and the sage trasher are magnificent specimens with a great degree of detail. The grasshopper is beautifully dressed in a green jacket and herringbone woven trousers 😉😊
    Happy Autumn!!

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    • Thank you for your kind comment, Hanna. I’m glad you enjoyed the animals I featured. I love your description of the grasshopper’s apparel. Were he to advertise himself on a dating website, he would undoubtedly receive many affirmative responses. 😊
      I hope your autumn will be beautiful.


    • I’m glad you liked the photos, Vicki. I wish I knew the answer to your question, but have to admit to my ignorance. There are very few bird species I can recognize based on their feathers (unless they are still attached 😊).


  4. I enjoyed seeing the sage thrasher. I’ve recently seen photos of a cactus wren from Arizona, and the patterning was much the same. In fact, our roadrunners have some of the same appearance, although their exceedingly long tails make them easier to distinguish. Your entire collection of images is lovely. I don’t know if your header photos rotate, but today I’m seeing a stretch of yellow flowers in the foreground; do you know if it’s rabbitbush?

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    • I love these thrashers. And I also fell in love with the first (and so far) only cactus wren I saw in southern New Mexico. Many of the desert dwellers share similar colors that help them blend into their surroundings.
      Thank you also for noticing the different header photo. I change it based on the season. Your impression of rabbitbrush is correct. It’s a wonderful plant that blooms well into the fall and adds some seasonal color to the prairie landscape. We like it so much that we finally planted some in our back yard.


  5. Happy, cheery Autumn!!! 🍁 The cooler air, that refreshing mist of fog to cool and moisten. I think it wins the prize for favorite season in my book.
    ​A herd of pronghorns. It’s been a bit of time since I’ve seen them run….. 💞🤗
    And that Sage Thrush… with attitude! 😉​
    Lovin’ it!!! 💞💞

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