South Park Again

Colorado’s aforementioned South Park can be accessed from a number of directions. Journeying from Colorado Springs, it is reached by following US Highway 24 about 50 miles due west. This basin, with an elevation of 9,000 to 10,000 feet and a footprint of nearly 1,000 square miles, is the southernmost of three high-altitude valleys in … Continue reading South Park Again

Real-life Bison

Colorado’s South Park, a high-elevation basin (and namesake of the eponymous animated television series), accessible some 50 miles west of Colorado Springs, is known to harbor several private herds of American Bison. As a follow-up to last week’s post, which anticipated National Bison Day, I want to share some of the impressions captured during an … Continue reading Real-life Bison

Happy Belated National Bison Day

Is it possible for brawny, shaggy ungulates, that might tip the scale at one to two tons, to appear and amble gracefully? The answer is a resounding “yes.” Amble they may, and docile they may appear, but don’t be fooled, for this largest land mammal in North America is able to accelerate to 35 mph, … Continue reading Happy Belated National Bison Day

The Original South Park

     What is now Colorado was once the domain of the Utes. According to their tradition, they always lived in this region, in contrast with American Indian groups who were pushed westward while trying to stay ahead of the incessant march of white newcomers. Also known as The Mountain People, their homeland stretched from the … Continue reading The Original South Park