For weeks the unmistakable signs of approaching autumn have advertised the change in seasons, yet they coexist with vestiges of estival exuberance.

Still, butterflies drink deeply of the sweet nectar of friendly flowers whose vital force continues to pulsate.

Still, the sun warms the air and lights the days, though they are growing shorter. Birds wing southward to milder climes, and while one swallow does not a summer make, the absence of their multitudes signals summer’s end.

Barn swallows at the height of summer. Now they are gone.

The transformation of green foliage into hues of yellow, orange, and red, and of colorful blossoms into seed-bearing vessels is the most obvious harbinger of the earth’s ever-increasing distance from our solar orb. It is accompanied by a chill that rides on Aeolus’s wings, by leaves that tumble in his wake, and by the smell of composting vegetation on his breath.

It is a time of endings. The ending of vibrancy. The ending of the earth’s most productive period.

     A time of wistfulness.

     A time to reflect on goals unfinished.

     A time of regrets.

It is also a time of beginnings. The beginning of dormancy. The beginning of the earth’s most conservative period.

     A time of gratitude.

     A time to celebrate accomplishments.

     A time of hope.

Hope, that life will continue, that we will have another chance, that spring will once again spring.

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15 thoughts on “Change

  1. Ah, Tanja, you are an artist both with pen and shutter. Autumn is our favorite time of year, but in Houston, we get no real ‘change’ of the season. Everything just goes from green to brown, hot to cool. My next home will have aspen or maple as a native for sure. Happy autumn!!

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  2. Fall used to be my favorite season…well it still is but I haven’t experienced it for several years as I left Sweden and four seasons. Beautiful pictures and colors!

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    • Thank you, Donna. This year I seem to be more aware of the changes around us than ever, and more appreciative of the colorful and warm days when we are blessed with them. I am trying to store all this beauty so it can sustain me through the darker times.

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  3. Sehr schöne Bilder und Impressionen ! Um die vielen Herbstfarben seid ihr zu beneiden ! Auf den ersten Bildern sind einige Blumen zu sehen, die ich auch auf dem Balkon habe 🙂 Die Kokarden beispielsweise – ich weiß gar nicht, ob sie nicht ursprünglich aus Amerika kommen ? – genauso wie die Prachtscharte und die Fetthenne. Alles so schön ! Die Cosmea sind meine absoluten Lieblingsblumen, aber da sie hier immer von Spinnmilben gefressen werden, habe ich es aufgegeben. Aber ich freue mich immer, wenn ich sie woanders zu sehen bekomme. Schöne Bilder 🙂 Und die gequetschten Schwalben sind niedlich ! LG, Almuth

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      • Ja, das ist eine Herausforderung. Sie sich in der Muttersprache zu merken ist schon nicht so leicht, mit einer Fremdsprache könnte es verwirrend werden. Ich benutze manchmal die lateinischen Namen, weil ich denke, daß es dann einfacher ist, international danach zu suchen.

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