Stuttgart’s Green Sides-Part 2

During last fall’s sojourn in Stuttgart, I enjoyed re-visiting some cherished corners of Baden-Württemberg’s capital. Upon completion of my stroll through the Schlossgarten, I directed my steps along the Neckar River. A few miles farther north, another beautiful, man-made oasis appealed not only to this human, but also to her favorite feathered friends.

Strolling along the Neckar River

Great Cormorant in the river

A message of love

Max-Eyth-Lake is bordered to the west by the Neckar River, whose steep slopes are covered with award-winning vineyards, and to the north and east by a hill burdened with high-rises. A suspension bridge (aka Max-Eyth-Steg) leads across the river, and a foot path encircles the lake. In summer, boat rentals afford an additional experience. Cafés and restaurants invite the weary walker for a culinary pause. The body of water was created in the 1930s at the location of a former sand and gravel quarry, and became a nature preserve in the 1960s.

Max-Eyth-Lake with bridge and surroundings (the featured panoramic photo above was taken in the previous year, about three weeks earlier in the fall)

Lovely willow

Late fall colors

Site of a heron rookery, I found large numbers of these long-legged, long-necked, long-billed wading birds. Flocks of garrulous Graylag Geese inched their way across stretches of lawn that served both as buffet and lavatory. Here, too, mallards, coots, and moorhen were right at home. I was thrilled to once again observe an elegant black swan. Was it identical to the one I had encountered  the previous year?

Gorgeous Gray Heron

Grazing Graylag Geese







Black Swan

European Robin








Following a period of rain, this day’s sunshine did not succeed entirely in evaporating the moisture in the air and on the paths, and as soon as the sun approached the horizon, the humidity consolidated into a layer of mist that hovered over the water’s surface. As the solar body took its leave, I reluctantly followed, but not before vowing to return.

Click here for the German version/klicken Sie bitte hier für die deutsche Version:

13 thoughts on “Stuttgart’s Green Sides-Part 2

  1. Beautiful pictures! Even if Stuttgart is not that far from Munich, I have never been there…. but after this blog entry, I think that I should!! The last picture with its reflections is my absolute favorite!
    Have a nice eveneing and good night!

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    • Thank you, Christa. I hope you will be able to visit one of these days. I would like to plan a return visit to Munich, my only visit was so long ago that my memory is very hazy.
      So many destinations, so little time!
      Dir auch einen schönen Abend und eine gute Nacht!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I appreciate the compliment, Neil, but thank goodness for technology. I am actually a low-tech person, and am always glad that I only have to push one button on my camera. 😊
      Thank you for traveling back to Stuttgart with me.

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  2. Tanja, I love the variety of places you take me with your blog. I love learning new things about my Colorado back yard, and it’s such fun to get to go to Germany and other places too! Thank you for being such a marvelous guide.

    Liked by 1 person

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